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"Affiliates from OSC"
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

by John Merlino / 7 May 2004

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This affiliates box is a GREAT way for us to affiliate with each other. It simply ads a one banner box to your page. But, the banner will rotate as many affiliates as you want it to. It's a simple 120 x 95 box that fits cleanly on your page. I hope this will help make us all rich :-)

I would suggest getting a banner from your affiliates that is no larger than 90 x 80 or so. And, my suggestion would be no animated gifs, but it's your choice. This makes it so that your affiliates box is there for your guests to see, but it won't "bug" them. To see a sample of how this looks, you can see it on the right hand side of my page

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Adda header image to this box John Merlino 7 May 2004  

THis is a simple tweak of this contribution from Author: Eric Hoes ("Affiliates from OSC")

I placed a table around the box and added a header image to it, removed the header text and wallah. It now works and looks like OSC

Good luck. ANy questions post in the forums or send me a PM.

Last Update Eric Hoes 30 Apr 2004  
Revise my name for testing Eric Hoes 29 Apr 2004  
"Affiliates from OSC" Eric Hoes 29 Apr 2004