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Bundled Products
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution allows you to create bundles of products:

- a user can buy a bundle of parts that may be priced at something different from the total cost of the parts. The cost saving is shown to the customer on the products_info page.
- The stock of each sub product is updated separately when a sale is made.
- A subproduct that is out of stock will prevent the bundle from selling (if you have set STOCK_ALLOW_CHECKOUT to false in admin)
- bundles are created and edited using the admin system
- bundle "master products" are virtual containers for subproducts, ie the stock is not updated. Otherwise, they are regular products with a description, price and other features.

For an example of how the system works take a look at the longboards at

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Bundled Products for osCommmerce 2.3.4 wdepot 12 May 2015  

This basically just an instructions update to account for the updates made in osCommerce version 2.3.4.

Complete instructions attached.

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