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Additional Shipping Options for Zone Module
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution is based on the zones.php module from the 2.2MS2 milestone. It does the following 3 things:

1. Creates a secondary zone-based shipping method for express shipping (or whatever you need)
2. Price or weight based zone shipping
3. Allows you to specify a name for each shipping method that is viewed during checkout. (ie. Fedex Ground, USPS Global Priority)

To put it simply this contribution allows you to offer regular and express shipping for each zone, ie. UPS Ground and UPS 2-day Air for the United States, International ground and International express for Canada, Regular and Express for International, and so on for as many contries/zones as you like.

this contribution alters zones.php and creates a new zones2.php. If you need 3 different zone options you could create a new zones3.php and with a quick search and replace be up and running.

This contribibution is similar to 'dual zones shipping' but that one is outdated I believe.

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Update FIMBLE 12 May 2012  

This Version updated to be PHP 5.3 compliant.

To upgrade to this version, uninstall current version (saving settings somewhere)
Upload the files in the catalog folder overwriting existing ones, then go to your admin and reinstall them.

Set up for 3 zones each, to chenge this look for

$this->num_zones = 3;

in both files and change the number to suit your needs, they can each have different zones, so if you only send express to one zone you dont need to be showing 3 in admin.
It wont make any difference to thow it works, just easier on the eye!

Added small feature airChris 15 Oct 2007  
Additional Shipping Options for Zone Module ashishkohli 25 Sep 2007  
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FIxed the bug found in the perious version Jonathan Wong 16 Oct 2004  
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Additional Shipping Options for Zone Module Deryk Wenaus 30 Dec 2003