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Multi-Stores multiple shop system
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

These modifications allow you to assign specific products and categories to multiple stores that you define in the administration panel. The products and categories
will not be able to be manipulated via the web-browsers address bar (like in most
other multi-shop implementations). Also, there is no "one store to rule them all".
You decide which categories you want displayed on which store-front. You decide
which products in that category you want displayed on which store-front. Shopping
carts are NOT shared between the sites.

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Multi-Shops V2.1 Full Package w/ Critical Security Fix playcraft 19 Nov 2010  

Full V2.0 package including security patch. Does not include the sitemap class from the previous contribution.

CRITICAL vulnerability update to admin login playcraft 19 Nov 2010  
Google Sitemap for each store in multi-stores maartenvonz 2 Aug 2009  
Multistores v2.0 with corrections V2.0 ajuaristi 16 May 2009  
Automatic stores generation neonigma 14 May 2009  
Error Message - 1054 fix and danish langusage anetteogjesper 12 Feb 2009  
SQL Fix - customers_groups k_coreonegig 1 Dec 2008  
SQL Fix - customers_groups k_coreonegig 13 Nov 2008  
Multi-stores v2.0 with corrections jugeti 15 Oct 2008  
Database with a corrected error jugeti 15 Oct 2008  
Fix error 1064 on add specials Dhananjaya 21 Sep 2007  
Multi-Stores v2.0 dicendicks 3 May 2007  
v1.9 Price Patch hobbzilla 3 Feb 2007  
Multi-Stores v1.9 hobbzilla 27 Oct 2006  
Dutch and German for multistore v1.8 msk69 2 Jul 2006  
Dutch and German language files msk69 1 Jul 2006  
Percentage based discountes - TAKE 2 hobbzilla 14 Mar 2006  
Customer Groups Discounts by Percentage hobbzilla 11 Mar 2006  
Easy Populate for M-S hobbzilla 1 Mar 2006  
v1.8 hobbzilla 10 Feb 2006  
Multi Stores v1.7 Vger 1 Sep 2005  
Patch to bring v1.7 to 1.7.1 Ryan Hobbs 24 Feb 2005  
Multi-Stores v1.7 Ryan Hobbs 1 Feb 2005  
newsdesk_v1.48.4 for M-S multi stores Tim Buckner 29 Oct 2004  
V1.4 Ryan Hobbs 24 Jun 2004  
#2 fix of new_products.php Ryan Hobbs 14 Jun 2004  
v 1.3b Ryan Hobbs 13 Jun 2004  
Multi-Stores v1.3 Ryan Hobbs 8 Jun 2004  
update.sql Ryan Hobbs 9 Feb 2004 Ryan Hobbs 6 Feb 2004 Ryan Hobbs 8 Jan 2004 Ryan Hobbs 8 Jan 2004  
Multi-Stores multiple shop system Ryan Hobbs 15 Dec 2003