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Article Manager v1.0
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Article Manager is a comprehensive article publishing system written for 2.2MS2. So if you want to offer articles on your

site with the option of cross-selling to your products, then this contribution is a must. It is easy to install and will

require minimal alteration to your existing site. Screen captures are included in a separate download.

Article Manager includes the following features:

- Articles can be stored in multi-leveled topics (use of topics optional)
- New Articles and All Articles lists included
- Article listings include: Article Title, Article Abstract, Author Name, Topic, Expected or Published Date (details can be turned on or off via the admin console)
- Articles accessible from Article and Authors box added to left or right column
- Articles can be assigned to Authors (optional)
- Author details include name and description (can include pictures)
- Optional Topic and Author filters lists available from Articles Info page
- Article Reviews built in, including approval or reviews by admin (use of reviews optional)
- Includes optional Tell a Friend link
- Article cross-selling included so you can associate articles with products in your shop (optional)
- WYSIWYG HTMLArea Editor (MS2 v1.7) built in for editing of Articles and Topic/Author descriptions (optional)
- Supports pre-loading of articles to appear on a certain date (until then they are viewable but not accessible)
- Supports management of Draft and Published article statuses
- Full Header Tags support for article-related meta-tagging
- Breadcrumb support included so Topic path and Article/Author name appear in breadcrumbs
- Full admin console with over 30 different configuration options
- Full multi-language capable (sorry, only English language files included in this version)
- And much, much more!

Note: Header Tags Controller and WYSIWYG HTMLArea Editor (MS2 v1.7) DO NOT need to be installed throughout the rest of your


Bugs and suggestions:

Rob Anderson

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Articles Manager V 1.57_8 Jack_mcs 11 Jul 2016  

- Added missing tell-a-friend definitions to admin/includes/languages/english.php
- Added social bookmark code to article pages. Requires Header Tags SEO v 3.2.7 or greater. 3.3.1 should be used since it has OG tags.
- Changed quite a bit of the code in the tell-a-friend file so it now works correctly.
- Changed mysql code in the infoboxes to work correctly.
- Changed mysql call to mysqli in cross sell for 2.3.4 shops.
- Changed code to use css instead of tables (bs only).
- Corrected many html mistakes.
- Fixed IE coding issues due to css code
- Fixed problem in admin where the article image would be deleted on updates.
- Moved the css classes to the stylesheet file.
- Removed the application_top files for MS2 shops.
- Replaced mysql file with php file for better control in future changes
- Rewrote the database update file so it is now safe to use at any time and will leave existing settings as they were.

This is a full package.

The support thread is at

little modif for author image in authors.php virgilinfo 26 Jan 2012  
Articles Manager V 1.57_7 Jack_mcs 24 Jul 2011  
small updates and important message. faaliyet 18 Jan 2011  
Articles Manager V 1.57_6 Jack_mcs 2 Jan 2011  
Correction for Language updates artful 14 Oct 2010  
listen this article , ouça este artigo apopular 17 Jul 2010  
Articles Manager V 1.57_5a Jack_mcs 13 Jul 2010  
Articles Manager V 1.57_5 Jack_mcs 12 Jul 2010  
Articles Manager V 1.57_4 Jack_mcs 4 Apr 2010  
/admin/articles_xsell.php updated to work with REGISTER_GLOBALS off zelf 5 Oct 2009  
articles_xsell.php issue on multiple oscommerce on the same DB Dager 1 Oct 2009  
Articles Manager V 1.57_3 Jack_mcs 16 Jun 2009  
Articles Manager V 1.57_2 Jack_mcs 5 Jun 2009  
MySql FIX carlosfocus 29 Jan 2009  
Articles Manager V 1.57_1 Jack_mcs 25 Nov 2008  
Articles Manager V 1.57 Jack_mcs 11 Oct 2008  
Italian version added and complete package yuhu 3 Oct 2008  
My Rework of Article Manager 1.5.6v1 kustomjs 19 Aug 2008  
Article Manager v 1.5.6 kustomjs 7 Aug 2008  
fix for php5 and for v2.2 RC 2a kustomjs 7 Aug 2008  
My Working Copy annaoj 9 Jun 2008  
article_rss.php Bug Fix chrish123 24 May 2008  
Another missing fix from v1.5.5 chrish123 19 May 2008  
PHP 5 fix for admin/article_reviews.php for v1.5.5 chrish123 16 May 2008  
warning link fix lildog 13 May 2008  
Article Manager v1.5.5 NimaP 3 Apr 2008 Sikulae 10 Mar 2008  
For those using dynamic sitemap part2 Glcustoms 4 Feb 2008  
Additional Fix for MySQL 5.0 findinstruments 22 Jan 2008  
style bug fix for article_listing.php leveera 1 Nov 2007  
Display last 'n' articles with a short description - Multilanguage Fix georgec 30 Oct 2007  
Articles name in the trail : bug fix Touffy 15 Oct 2007  
Display last 'n' articles with a short description (good for "latest news", "latest articles" infoblock, etc georgec 9 Oct 2007  
For those using dynamic_sitemap Glcustoms 12 Sep 2007  
breadcrumb improvement lildog 14 Aug 2007  
MySql5 queries rigadin2 8 Aug 2007  
tinyMCE Anywhere rigadin2 7 Aug 2007  
Article Manager fix/upgrade lildog 6 Aug 2007  
Little image hack Arodiszlec 20 Jul 2007  
File Missing xXDesertRoseXx 20 Jun 2007  
v1.5 with admin rigadin2 11 Dec 2006  
v1.5 SP1 rigadin2 9 Dec 2006  
v1.5 full package rigadin2 6 Dec 2006  
redirect.php speedman 27 Nov 2006  
article_info.php - language bug fix Terra 21 Sep 2006  
Category drop-down scanditan 27 Jul 2006  
Version 1.4, full package GniDhal 12 Jul 2006  
Article Manager v1.3a dwdonline 12 Jul 2006  
Article Manager v1.3 GniDhal 11 Jul 2006  
Articles xsell update teniemi 20 Jun 2006  
Bug fix for English version 1.2 peterpil19 12 Oct 2005  
german translation for Version 1.2b Wilhelm Moser 10 Jun 2005  
Little bug in installation instructions Bedo 16 Apr 2005  
Link articles directly from top level Cormac Bracken 27 Feb 2005  
German Language Files for Article Manager 1.2b Mark Horne 9 Sep 2004  
Article Manager v1.2b with spanish traduction b Ivan Prieto 11 Jun 2004  
Article Manager v1.2b with spanish traduction Ivan Prieto 11 Jun 2004  
Article Manager 1.2b Pawe³ Robaczewski 25 May 2004  
Article Manager v1.2 - Minor Bug Fixes Rob Anderson 10 Dec 2003  
Article Manager v1.1 - Bug Fix & Easier Install Rob Anderson 6 Dec 2003  
Article Manager v1.0 Screen Captures Rob Anderson 4 Dec 2003  
Article Manager v1.0 Rob Anderson 4 Dec 2003