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Store Pickup Shipping Module
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This addon shipping module for businesses that also have a store front. Allows customers to select "Store Pickup" as a "Shipping Carrier." This has a default $0.00 charge, which can be altered.

*This addon is a non-overwriting module. No files whatsoever are overwritten. Based on flat.php. Just upload included files and activate it in the admin section. Read the included INSTALL.TXT file.

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Version 1.7 raiwa 22 Oct 2016  

- changed module checks to fixe an incompatibility issue in shipping estimator.
- replaced database table constants by hardcoded table names for compatibility with latest 2.3.4 EDGE versions
- replaced class constructor function name by __construct for PHP7 compatibility

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Version 1.6 raiwa 27 Mar 2016  
Version 1.5c for PHP5.3 and broomfish 9 Dec 2014  
Store Pickup Shipping 1.5b crealik 19 Apr 2010  
Store Pickup Shipping 1.5 luckyno 12 Jan 2008  
Store Pickup Shipping Module 1.4 ( by azer azerosc @ ) azer 31 Oct 2005  
Danish added Kim Christensen 7 Jun 2005  
Translation in Dutch 26 Jan 2005  
Translation in french and use of a real true/false function Vinioute 28 Jun 2004  
Store Pickup Version 1.2(?) - MOD with sort order and Admin zone select Dion McInnis 30 Mar 2004  
Store Pick Up Version 1.1 [SHIPPING MOD] Mattice 18 Nov 2002  
Store Pickup v1.0 Shipping Module Addon Mike Halvorsen 15 Jun 2002