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Add Weight To Product Attributes v0.1
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This patch will allow you to add a product attribute to a product, not only altering that product's price but also altering that product's weight. For example, if you define an attribute named "Size" and you apply that to a cooking pot where the price is + $2.00 you can also specify that the weight is + 2 lbs (or minus x lbs). It actually took only very few modifications to do this.

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Add Weight To Product Attributes v0.3 Tsimi 11 Sep 2014  

This is an update so that it can be used with osC v. and osC v.2.3.4
Based on v0.1 from kumar mcmillan (30 Oct 2003)

It includes the database fix from v0.2 just slightly different
i used decimal 5,2 instead of 5,3 same as the products weight field from the products table.

All credits to the original coders!

work with PCA j4tan 17 Feb 2006  
Add Weight to Attributes and UPS xml R & S fix HallMarc 21 Aug 2005  
v0.2 Didier Debbaut 23 Jul 2004  
Add Weight To Product Attributes v0.1 kumar mcmillan 30 Oct 2003