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Margin Report v1.00
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is a module that will allow you to see a full report on the margin of all of your products. You now enter the cost of the good (in the admin) when you are entering or editing products.

From there this report allows you to sort out your products, in the report, by Product name, cost, price, specials price, margin dollars, and margin percentage.

Hope you like it.

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Margin Report v3.00b French + addons crealik 20 Apr 2010  

FULL PACKAGE with Discount coupon addons


Marge net et brute définie pour les utilisateurs de discount coupon (si vous utilisez un autre module il suffit de remplacer la class "ot_discount_coupon" dans le fichier margin_report2 et de le remplacer par votre class

date ok

Pack complet


Margin_Report_3.00b FRENCH VERSION OK crealik 19 Apr 2010  
Margin_Report_3.00b FRENCH crealik 19 Apr 2010  
Margin Report v3.00b corsaretto 17 Apr 2010  
Margin Report v3.00a mr_absinthe 16 Mar 2008  
Margin Report v3.00 mr_absinthe 14 Mar 2008  
MarginReport2.php Bug Fix dsolutions 10 Jan 2008  
Now compatible with PHP 5 dr_lucas 16 Jul 2007  
Error in Order.php Kuujiryo 16 Jul 2007  
This is an update to the last margin_report.php with the included MySQL code. ggbig 16 Dec 2006  
Updates for margin_report.php I meant to say admin/includes/languages/english/margin_report.php ggbig 16 Dec 2006  
Updates for margin_report.php... ggbig 16 Dec 2006  
New margin_report.php purplemine 17 May 2006  
text file instruction v2.56a khoking 10 Apr 2006  
Margin Reports v2.56a.rar Margin Reports v2.56a.rar 17 Apr 2005  
Margin Report 2.56b Dan Berlyoung 21 Oct 2004  
Margin Reports v2.56 chaicka 18 Aug 2004  
Margin Report v2.55a Snowbird 28 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.55 chaicka 28 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.51 Chris Sullivan 28 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.51 Chris Sullivan 27 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.5 Chris Sullivan 26 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.25 Chris Sullivan 24 Jun 2004  
Installer Fixes. Matt McInvale 24 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.20 Chris Sullivan 23 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.10d chaicka 22 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.10c chaicka 22 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.10 Steel Shadow 22 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.10 Chris Sullivan 21 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v2.00 Chris Sullivan 21 Jun 2004  
Margin Report v1.12 dilirum 16 May 2004  
Margin Report v1.11 Patrick Kessen 5 Jan 2004  
Margin Report v1.10 Chris Sullivan 19 Oct 2003  
Margin Report v1.00 Chris Sullivan 16 Oct 2003