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Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2


1. Add new customers
You can add a customer through admin, just fill in the form and hit confirm.
A new customer account will be created with a random password, and a welcome email with the password will be sent to the given email address.

2. Create new orders
A 2 step process to create an order, add products, and add shipping costs.

I have added Jonathan Hilgeman's 'Edit Order' module and my own to create this useful little tool. Very basic, no bells and whistles but others are sure to add more functionality.

When installing, please pay attention to the modifications you need to make to the files depending on which version of osC you are using. And don't forget, before installing, BACKUP!

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create_account_process.php in v1.8 für RC2a reneman 3 Jun 2010  

Die Funktion tep_encrypt_password ist bereits im RC2a in der Datei 'admin/includes/functions/password_funcs.php' definiert. Daher darf sie nicht nochmals in die Datei 'admin/includes/functions/general.php' eingefügt werden (Das würde zu einer Fehlermeldung führen). Besser ist es, wenn man in der Datei 'admin/create_account_process.php' zusätzlich die Datei 'admin/includes/functions/password_funcs.php' aufruft.


Der Download enthält NUR die Datei 'admin/create_account_process.php'

Error in 1.8 adamscottmartin 24 Jun 2009  
Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry 1.8 gr8sale 13 Apr 2006  
Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry v1.6 Gyakutsuki 10 Dec 2005  
Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry v1.6 Gyakutsuki 5 Sep 2005  
1.5 - Full package (option to select currency of the order) shimonp 3 Sep 2005  
fixes for English version shimonp 4 Aug 2005  
german addon update Alexander Schröder 29 Jun 2005  
step_by_step_orders_v1.4 Delaballe (Rondeau Olivier) 12 Mar 2005  
step_by_step_orders_v1.3 Delaballe 3 Mar 2005  
german language add-on André Rychlikowski 14 Sep 2004  
Install File Guy de Nooij 24 Mar 2004  
step_by_step_orders_v1.2 Guy de Nooij 23 Mar 2004  
Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry v1.1 Frank L. 15 Oct 2003  
Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry Frank L. 14 Oct 2003