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Automatic Thumbnail
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is an automatic Thumbnail creator.

Each picture in your Shop will be chached in the "/catalog/images/imagecache" directory in the right
size and with the same name as the original.
The size is set in the Admin panel under Configuration - Images.
These values are the max values. The thumbnail will be created in the right proportions.

The tumbnail will be created an th first time the picture is call in the Shop.
Once an thumbnail is created it will always be used until you change the size in the Admin panel.

If you delete an image, you have also to delete the thumbnail in the "/catalog/images/imagecache" directory manually

Have fun!

Installing should be quite easy, only one file tho change.

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removed the image frames 31 Dec 2008  

the Automatic Thumbnail patch had as a side effect the adding of frames to the logo and images to the web catalog.
This file fixes them.
If you allready have a edited html_output.php file compare the one posted here to the original non moddified one from the web, and apply the differences to yours.

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