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All Products Page
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Allprods is an additional page that can be linked from elsewhere in your store to provide a list of all products currently in stock.

The main aim is to provide a path to your product information for search-engine spiders, but it may also be of use to customers on smaller stores.

First contribution, so apologies if it is not all done "the osC way". It does work though.

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All Products 3.0 and above 6 Sep 2006  

For some reason, this contribution has been split and All products 3.0 and above has been moved to,1501
the latest versions of this contribution is a major improvement over what is available on this page, especially the latest one, version 4.4.

The new versions are more customer friendly as it includes images with the products among other things.
If what is available on this page is not as good as you were hoping for, then give this contribution a try.
And Enjoy.


All Products 2.8 11 Jul 2005  
All Products Link in Title Cosmo 18 Apr 2005  
Little Bugfix Ingo Malchow 16 Dec 2004  
all products page modified to work with BTS v1.3 schizobinky 22 May 2004  
Sorry Ingo Malchow 22 Feb 2004  
(empty title) Ingo Malchow 21 Feb 2004  
All Products Page and all products module Gunter Sammet 7 Feb 2004  
All Products 2.7 Gunter Sammet 12 Jan 2004  
All-prods-v2.61 Rajeev Karki 27 Oct 2003  
All-Prods-v2.61 Farrukh Saeed 3 Sep 2003  
All-Prods-2.6 with Manufacturer Name Farrukh Saeed 2 Sep 2003  
All Prods v2.4 Farrukh Saeed 14 Aug 2003  
All Products Page, v2.3 Greg Williams 2 Apr 2003  
All Products Page, v2.2 Greg Williams 2 Apr 2003  
All Products Page, v2.1 Greg Williams 4 Mar 2003  
All Products Page Greg Williams 4 Mar 2003  
All Products, v1.9 Greg Williams 4 Mar 2003  
All Products, v1.9 Greg Williams 4 Mar 2003  
Allprods 1.8 Alexander Witteveen 31 Jan 2003  
AllProds v. 1.7 Marcel van Lieshout 2 Dec 2002  
AllProds v. 1.6 Marcel van Lieshout 27 Nov 2002  
AllProds v. 1.5 Marcel van Lieshout 30 Sep 2002  
Allprods v 1.4 Marcel van Lieshout 15 Sep 2002  
Allprods v. 1.3 Terry Ross 9 Sep 2002  
Allprods v. 1.2 Terry Ross 7 Sep 2002  
Allprods v 1.1 chris rossi 31 May 2002  
Allprods v 1.0 Mat Bennett 27 May 2002