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3 Images
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

The catalog will properly display your images if:
1. You have 1, 2 or 3 images.
2. The large image is missing, the pop up window will display the Medium image, or Small image if that is the only one available.
3.You have at least a small image; you will display an image in the category column, in the product description, and in the pop up window. If you have images optional, and have no image, that's okay too. The products will display with no broken image and no pop up window available.

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3 Images, v 1.20 10 Sep 2008  

Everything needed for 3 Images! Including "Sm,Med,and Lg Images"

(No popups in admin that the customers wont see anyway!)

Textfile with detailed instructions only, no confusing files that you can't use anyway!

No visible updates. I've just put everything in the same place in a readable format. Thanks you guys that's done the real job! Added a version number so it's easier to find.


3 Images with tooltip_rollover_osc_product_listing 5 Sep 2008  
3 bilder 29 Jun 2007  
Minor fix in categories.php 27 Mar 2006  
Minor bug fix in popup_image.php Nikolaos Koutsoukos 18 Mar 2005  
v1.10 Didier Debbaut 29 Jul 2004  
3 Image Copy Product Fix Mark Wilmoth 19 May 2004  
3 Images Update - complete package Matt Friedman 22 Sep 2003  
3 Images George Snell 14 Jul 2003