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Quantity Discounts
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

A drop in quantity discount module. It allows you to specify the discount percentage based on the number of items bought. This is not products_id based and is site-wide. Any combination of items will work as it runs of the total number of items in the cart.

Tested on MS1 and MS2.CSV snapshots.

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Quantity Discounts 1.4.1a 10 Dec 2008  

I downloaded the previous file and i had the error it says it fixed in the previous file. This may have to do with rc and the ms builds. anywho, here is the working version of this contrib. All you need to do to install is upload and install the module thru the admin panel. This is super easy and did just what i needed it to, despite being an older addon.

Quantity Discounts v1.41 Josh Dechant 14 Sep 2004  
Quantity Discounts v1.4 Josh Dechant 23 Aug 2004  
Quantity Discounts v1.2 Joshua Dechant 22 Apr 2003  
Quantity Discounts Joshua Dechant 13 Apr 2003