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Add Shopping Cart Info to Your Header
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Simple modification to add the item count and merchandise total to your header.

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cart in header v2.1 Tsimi 23 Oct 2013  

I don't use STS or Gift Voucher so my update doesn't include these functions.
made some minor adjustments to the v2.0 2005/2/3 by Oai C Ngu version.

tested with osC

-- updates --
minor changes to the text.
added separators in between. (... xx item | Subtotal: $xx.xx | Checkout)
added multilingual support.
instead of <table>, <tr> and <td> i used <div>.

all credit goes to the creator and previous updaters of this add-on.

Updated To Work With STS PLUS bluecivic21 22 Jun 2006  
works with STS v2 yoyoint 9 Nov 2005  
Updated to work with STS Shawn Moons 31 May 2005  
Updated for Gift Voucher compatibility George Burke 3 Mar 2005  
Cart In Header v2 Oai C Ngu 2 Feb 2005  
simple upgrade v1.1 Carine Bruyndoncx 7 Nov 2004  
Add Shopping Cart Info to Your Header Kim Elliott-BirdBrain 16 Mar 2003