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'Add to Cart' button
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.1

by Harris Ahmed / 30 Mar 2004

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This is a new 'Add to Cart' button rather than 'In Cart'.

I have experienced some user issues when a user checks an item in their cart, click's the 'In Cart' button, thinking that they go back to the 'Cart Contents', then get upset because they've added another item to their cart.

The .zip file contains 2 files, button_in_cart.gif and english.php.

button_in_cart.gif is just the button which reads 'Add to Cart' rather than 'In Cart'

english.php has the following lines modified in to show the mouseover as 'Add to Cart' rather than 'In Cart'

define('IMAGE_BUTTON_IN_CART', 'Add to Cart');
define('ICON_CART', 'Add to Cart');

Thanks to Chris Fink for pointing out this user issue and button creation.

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New buttons template. (customizable too) Harris Ahmed 30 Mar 2004  

OSC Buttons by Harris Ahmed
It is very simple, just to replace these buttons with the old ones from osc.

just unzip the folder to ur desktop.
open the folder
select all and copy them
go to yourserver and paste them to catalog/include/languages/your language/images/buttons/
it will promt you to replace them. click yes.


now if you want to edit something i have inlcuded 2.png files (need macromedia fireworks)
u can customize them.


'Add to Cart' button Rob Gartley 11 Mar 2003